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Office of Planning, Building, & Zoning

1203 Fire Safety Inspection Explanation Letter

1203 Building Inspection Application - Property Owner

1203 Fire Safety Inspection Application - Facility Information/Facility Owner Information

1203 Operating Permit Application - Facility Information /Facility Owner Information

Special Inspections Form Packet

Application for access to records

Application for an area variance

Application for a use variance

  Distribution Piping Pressure Test Verification Affidavit

Application for Approval of Backflow Prevention Devices

Report of Test and Maintenance of Backflow Prevention Devices

Application for Demolition Permit:

Demolition of Structure Permit Application/Demolition of Entire Structure

Demolition Permit Application/Partial Demolition of Structure

Application for Planning Board Review

Application for Sign Permit

Application for Temporary Sign Permit

  Application for Tent Sale Permit

Plumbing/Mechanical Permit Application

Shed/Detached Garages Application

Complaint Form

Consent Form

Excavation Permit

Electrical Permit Package

Garage/Yard Sale Permit

Appeal as an Aggrieved Person Form

Single, Two Family & Townhouse Dwelling

Deck / Open Porch, Enclosed Un-Heated Porch Permit Package

Above Ground / In-Ground Pool Permit Package

Tank Closure/Abandonment/Removal Permit

New Commercial Building/Addition to Commercial Building (Including R Occupancies) Permit Package

                                           [ GENERAL INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS]

Residential Plan Review Packet

Form 1

Form 2

Form 3-M

Form 3-S

Form 3-W

Form 4

Commercial Plan Review Packet

NYS UNIFORM FIRE PREVENTION AND BUILDING CODE - Commercial & Multiple Dwellings Occupancies

Building Code, Chapter 16 Required documentation checklist


Park Reservation Application

Office of the Village Clerk

Peddler's Permit