Progress Report

NY 9D at Spring Street: Reconfigure existing intersection to define the intersection and create an improved pedestrian facility from new expanded sidewalks and marked crosswalks in the village at the corner of Spring and East Main.
Water - Source Improvements
Water - Source Improvements
NYS Dept. of Correctional Services




New York State Department of Correctional Services Inmate Work Crew


The Inmate Work Crews have completed the requested  landscaping improvement projects. The projects completed required cutting, raking and performing general clean-up of the areas located behind the Village Hall / Police Station, Fisherman’s Park located at the end on Liss Road and curb side clean-up along parts of DeLavergne Avenue and Nelson Avenue.

There are many opportunities for landscaping  improvement and general clean-up in the Village using the work crews, if you see an area of village property that needs general cleanup please call me and I will try to fit into next seasons work projects.


John M. Karge

Village Clerk


Storm Water Sediment Separators Rt.9 at the Bridge

2/18/09– NYSDOT is currently reviewing plans for placement of two (2) Vortech separators along side of Rt .9.The Initial Plan Proposal has been signed and approved, the next step is final design.  One separator will be located at the end of

Liss Road
(Fisherman’s Park) and Rt. 9 on the southern end of the Rt. 9 Bridge. The other will be located north of the Rt. 9 Bridge  on the eastern side just below the turn around. These units which will be maintained by NYSDOT will separate storm water sediment from Rt. 9 North and South as it flows towards the Bridge. The tentative plan is to place these units is Spring 2009. For an up to date status you may contact me John M. Karge, MS-4 Storm Water Coordinator at the Village Hall 845-297-8773 or E-Mail